Monday, August 29, 2005

Corporate blogs research by Deutsch Bank

(french version of this post)

Deutsch Bank Research publishes a document on the corporative blogs (August 22, 2005).

"Blogs - did The new formulate for the corporate communications?" (pdf)
( German original Version/Auf Deutsch - pdf).

Excellent (and credible) review about what is called Corporate Blog. As the research shows, it comes in various styles. Until now, only the small offices or the mega corps had launched out their blogs online. The companies between these two poles have now a practical and serious document to think aloud about doing the same.

The 8-page document classifies differents corporative blogs on a very clever table. I found a more up to date version of the classification of the corporative blogs on the site ( ) which happends to be the author of the table, Ansgar Zerfass . It contains an additional style of blog "topic blog/ Themen-blogs" (the table is in German - so refer to the English pdf to understand all the words.)

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The conclusion finishes with a long comment which deserves to be quoted:

"Two questions are possible (and both must be answered!). The first (the one I would ask): So what?"; and the second (which is typically German): And now?"

(note: The stress is mine, not the author's)

So what? : "(...)So what should we do? Get going! Be bold. Activate, access, act rather than react, create rather than repair. Set the agenda rather than having it set for you. Be a motivator, not a censor. Consider blogging to be a mindset, a philosophy of life. Be an entrepreneur, not a taskmaster. Let the genie out of the bottle."

And Now? : "(...) Let s face it without experience in the blog swarm we won t accomplish anything. If we don t skilfully exploit the opportunities and carefully avoid the pitfalls of the new medium, we will be lost. We need to develop a blog culture (just as we need to develop an email culture and a mobile culture, because both are sorely lacking)."

"Feedback culture must become second nature to us (...)"

Coming from Deutsch Bank, here is a suprising point of view, isn't it?...

The cluetrain manifesto would it start to make effect?


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