Friday, May 27, 2005

Zero targeting citation

How to quote a Web page? By linking to it, duh!

But how do you quote a portion of this web page? Gee... Linking to URL might be a little confusiong for your reader especially if the page is long and you have hard time to find the citation in context.

I would like to point, to zero target, the very exact sentence, in one word I would like to highlight it.

I (over)use a features of Google cache for it.

First you should make sure Google had cached the page.

Then you do a research with the sentence you want to quote.

If you aren't in bad luck, you'll find the page in the Google's result page: click on the cache et voilà! Just link to this cache page. Google does the hightlight for you.

For example if I refer to the specific sentence in a long (but how interesting) post of Dave Pollar, I might show it that way : "We have been driven to overpopulate and despoil the planet and exhaust its resources by our DNA" by DavePollard in How to save the world (hightlited citation)

The first link is the permalink, the second one shows the citation in context.

I don't know if this have been done before for that specific matter, but as far as I am concern, I'll start using it as often as I need it.


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