Thursday, October 14, 2004

Wikalong, collective web page annotation

Wikalong, it is a simple, clever, wiki in your browser sidebar for collective annotations of Web pages.

Wikalong is an FireFoxExtension (Firefox is a hype navigator right now; compatible Mac, Windows and linux).

Wikalong appears in your sidebar and indexes the web pages you surf: ywant to make an annotation? open Wikalong, write your note and save ! That's it, that's all!

Web page annotation is not a new idea, but the use of the wiki for this goal is quite clever. Wikalong, allows you to see the notes left by the others as well.

The practical application?

If you build a Web site or you visit pages. You want to share corrections or comments! Instead of infinite email exchange (which you loose track of pretty soon) or instant messaging (which of course you'll forget) or posting on an external wiki (which URL you can,t remember). Wikialong do associate a wiki page with the Web page. Web page validation is maid easy!

The teaching application?

The professor leaves annotations like : word definition, related URL, contextual explanations (history, policy, technical), exams questions, etc.
The pupil leaves annotations like: vocabulary questions or meaning ambiguity questions, related URL, quotation excerpts, etc.

The commercial application?

I see a bright future for the wiki here: as wikalong web server is public, you will want to pay to have your private workspace. The wikis farms should offer this extension, this may bootstart wikis hosting industry!


No inscription, not software installation.
1.install Wikialong extension ( (for Firefox)
2. Restart Firefox
3. Go to menu::VIEW::Sidebar::+Wikialong
4. Click on my permalink and you will see the comments associated with my web page.


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