Friday, September 03, 2004


QuiEst means WhoIs in French.

I maid up this (key) word because as a matter of fact, we, French speaking people, do have to crawl down many screens to find French content. For genuine French words, it is not a problem, but with personal name - popular in both English and French sphere - it becomes hard to retreive French pages about such "shared personality".

"QuiEst" is a tag. I'm having hard time finding quick bio on people I met, I read or have been reading about. Google's "Define:" does list only english definition. I need French ones. Here comes the power of "QuiEst".

As an example, by writing a French post about, let say, John Lennon, titled "QuiEst John Lennon", it should now pop up in the first search engine return page (SERP) if you google it. For this very example, we might have, after a while, a whole bunch of such "QuiEst" posts. Thanks to Google's power, the best ranked will stay in the first screen anyway.

Lucas already tried this. Google him with QuiEst Lucas Gonze. You should find his comment about my initiative.

It is what I call a (useful) meme or a (friendly) Google bomb. It is part "wikipedia collaboration spirit", part decentralized Google's "Define:" feature.

Every language can do it, as long as the tag word doesn't exist in another language. In fact any combinaison of letters can be used. A meaningful one seems better to create a meme-like effect and become a decentralized standard using remote power from Google...


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