Saturday, July 10, 2004

Corporate blogging's 4 issues

After readings (old) seb's and pete's blog about k-log, here's my summary of 4 corporate blogging issues:

1. Posting is not a problem. Organizing and reetreiving information _is_the problem.
2. Majority of people _don't_like writing.
3. Good, accessible writing isn't a common, well-distribued gift.
4. The zipf's law should apply to readership too (some writer will attrack most readers)

* Posting the information is a small problem. Organizing and retrieving it is a big problem. We're working on a shared ontology and RDF metadata.
* Most people don't like to write. We've had a difficult time designing interfaces that encourage adding information instead of just reading.
* There's no substitute for good, accessible writing. We have several people who write consistently for the system. The logs show that postings from one writer get far more attention and prompt far more linking than those from the other writers. "


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