Saturday, August 14, 2004

Sharing trust network

Martin Dugage wrote:
"Trust as currency"

"Now that's interesting. Seb just decided to syndicate Lee's feed on his home page..

This reminds me that we did something very similar three years ago in my company with Only, there was quite substantial money and legalese involved in the deal, and Seb's blog is almost 20 times more popular than our company internet site as you can check by yourself with marketleap.

Here, it's much more simple: No money transaction, no lawyers, only... trust. One professional endorsing another - and another sign of the times."

Another sign of the time? One professional endorsing another isn't what someone may call a novelty. I guess this is already happening everyday when a scholar or a pundit put collegues's citation in their articles or when they invite them for a conference.

We can not mix business deal transaction with scholar trust exchange. Trust isn't currency as it ain't buying anything.

What I guess is new is "blog as explicit trust network pattern". Seb shows his trust sphere: his blog is your access point to his network. Sharing trust network is indeed the sign of times.


Blogger Martin said...

I agree: there's nothing new really. But we bloggers and other networkers might be "creatively destroying" an industry the world no longer needs: the "low value-add consulting" industry, which developed from the lack of trust and lack of relevant information.

Now of course, it would be better the other way around, if we bloggers actually created a new industry, wouldn't it? But I'm still struggling with that one...

9:18 AM  

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