Saturday, July 10, 2004

K-log as corporate blogging ancestor

Excerpt from "What is a k-log?"
Use of blog as a "brain-dump" of business knowledge (which is better than no record of knowledge at all)

Four execs buy-in immediate benefits of corporate blogging

1) People publish into K-Logs what they are doing often on an hourly basis. It is a great way to keep track of what is going on (coordination).

2) Archives. Given that K-Logs are public archives, this is particularly useful when an employee or consultant leaves a company. You now have a permanent record of what they did or didn't do. It also is an easy to use repository for people that need to find answers to specific questions or specific experts that can help them out.

3) It makes it easy to share information and get discussions going (which results in better ideas). K-Logs eliminate the barriers that prevent many people from posting to a discussion group. Everyone with a K-Log has a soapbox to say something. The best ones get links from all the rest.

4) New hires. New people or people that have been recently assigned to a project take lots of time before they can become useful. Much of that time is lost casting about for scraps of information that are useful. K-Logs make that easy. All you have to say to someone new is read all the team members K-Logs for the last two weeks.

Everything is there: thinking, files, e-mails, POV, and links.


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