Friday, March 09, 2007

Feedback from the Montreal Vlog gathering

The Montreal Vlog gathering held yesterday for Gabe from was a succes. Gabi alias Bad Mother Vlogger, directly from Amsterdam even gave the firs of us some xolo sticker and fake press-card!

Gabe, Tanara, that was a terrific evening. Thanks to coming by! The jet lag and your Philadelphia hub downtime didn't turn you off! (Version française de ce billet ici)

We were about 20, including people from la Journée de réflexion sur le multiplateforme ( l'Alliance NumériQc ) in perticular Dominique-Sébastien Forest from, Iain Tweedale from and Claire Dion from Bell Funds).

Not enough time to speak with everybody. As usual. At least, I make it sure nobody gaet bored. Some came directly from France or United States --not counting UK and NL ! Gabi & Tamara quickly gathered with the wonderful team Galacticast who came! Rudy, Casey, thanks too to coming by -- we all know you had a plane to catch!

The team did some shooting with there astounishing equipement (a headlight and a nanocamera!). Gabe did his weekly interview with Rudy et Casey (Galacticast). I'll put the links here when they will be available.

For the rest of us: a handfull of cell-camera did capture the essence of the gathering.

The conversation was going in any direction. I've kind of undestood that some spoke about how TV industry didn't really care neither understand multimedia world, other deplored the lack of montreal vloggers gathering, and some new commers how Montreal give such an impression that culture is part of the city life --even at zero farenheit.

I got a astouning conversation with Iain who is Acting Editor, New Media, at BBC about their wonderful multiplaform production structure, which might be the biggsest on this planet and alos on a very strange fact in on portion of their hiring contract : no-blog allowed inside or outside bbc. This is weird. And I ll keep you posted on it as soon as he transmit some more information back to UK.

End of the evening: time to go find the family, to see girlfriend before she flight away, to eat a real meal, to sleep , to fetch some VC cash in US, to talk about TV's future ou simply to try to find out where the hell the cell stocked her photos....

This was my first Internet-driven gathering : everything went well! Thanks to all, folks!
The (traditional) question of the day was : "How many clips did you watched this week on Internet" (et guess you saw the most!)

Michael Pauluzzi --> + 50

Marie Kuter --> About 10

Sébastien Provencher --> 5 - 10

Philippe Martin --> 5 - 10

Christian Aubry --> about 25

Laurent Maisonave (Zelaurent) --> 10 - 15

Gabe MacIntyre -->about 200 (Editor : you bet he's the winner)

Tamara LeRoy --> about 15

Paulina Podgorske --> about 5.

Dominique-Sébastien Forest --> about 100 - 150

Claude Maisonneuve -->at least 100 per week

Michel Leblanc --> less than 10,

Casey Mckinnon --> about 10 per days, so approximately 70

Rudy Jahchan --> ditto for me, 70

Catalina Briceno --> ... (Editor: got her signature, but lost her in a tornado -- how surprised are we?)

Guylaine Courcelles --> a bit of youtube (4) some Bob l'anarchie culinaire - (from and maybe 3 other sites / 3 video each. I'm more of a listener than a viewer (keeps me company while I work, cook, try to sleep)


Blogger Shawn C. said...

This was a really great idea! Thanks for welcoming me to the group! I look forward to meeting with you guys again!

10:32 PM  
Blogger gabemac said...


Thank you so much for arranging this. It was great to meet everyone, and my only bad point is I didn't get to spend enough time to talk with everyone because there were so many great conversations going on. I have to get back to Montreal again soon. What a wonderful city! Tamara and I really enjoyed our stay there! Thanks again!

5:10 AM  

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